Where Memories Live On Through Artful Impressions

Keep love at your fingertips with our one-of-a-kind fingerprint impression necklaces.

At Coveted, we transform memories into future heirlooms, etching the unique prints of loved ones, a pet's paw, or even replicating a family crest or an engraving with our impression kit.

Each piece is artfully crafted using the lost wax casting technique, ensuring that every detail is beautifully captured.

Family creating an impression necklace together with their fingerprints
Gold fingerprint impression necklace
Jewellery Reimagined​

Whether it’s commemorating a lost loved one, celebrating the bond of family, or cherishing a cherished pet, our fingerprint impression necklaces serve as wearable reminders of the connections that mean the most to you.

From capturing the exact details of a nose or paw print to elegantly incorporating beloved fingerprints, our process ensures that every necklace is a true reflection of the individual it represents.

Why choose coveted

Customised Design
Every piece tells a unique story; let us help you tell yours.

Artful Craftsmanship
Created with love and precision, our jewellery captures every delicate detail.

Memories Made Tangible
A beautiful and timeless way to honour life and keep memories alive.

Gemma working on a Coveted fingerprint impression necklace in her wellington workshop
In The Making

Coveted Jewellery is the brainchild of Wellington-based artisan jeweller Gemma Miller, a traditionally-trained goldsmith with 15 years of experience working within the jewellery industry in both New Zealand and overseas. Embracing her specialty; making meaningful and timeless pieces that are bespoke to each and every individual, was where the idea for Coveted began.