Creating jewellery with meaning

introducing Coveted Jewellery by GG

“Through working closely with people on bespoke, sentimental pieces, I realised how important it was for people to be involved with what we were creating. Recognising connections people have with their jewellery and the stories they represent is truly a privilege.”

Coveted Jewellery is the brainchild of Wellington-based artisan jeweller GG (Gemma Miller), a traditionally-trained goldsmith with 15 years of experience working within the jewellery industry in both New Zealand and overseas. Embracing her specialty; making meaningful and timeless pieces that are bespoke to each and every individual, was where the idea for Coveted began.



Meet GG

Coveted is the unique sister brand to GG Jewellery.

Gemma Miller – Coveted’s Founder and Creative Director – lives in Wellington, New Zealand with her husband and two daughters.

Here at Coveted we love the idea of the wearer becoming the maker – offering anyone the chance to have a hand, literally, in creating a completely unique, sentimental piece of jewellery that means something very special, and which reflects the wearer’s style. 

The result is that no two pieces will ever be the same. From celebration pieces to memorial pieces – fingerprints, keepsakes, and heirloom pieces to birthstone pendants and permanent jewellery, experiencing jewellery through Coveted is all about capturing meaning and connection through a person’s unique lived experiences.

And that’s where lost-wax casting came into the fore. The process of capturing and casting an impression involves techniques for recycling precious metals that have gone unchanged for centuries. Gold and silver jewellery has shaped countries, cultures and family histories, and here we are reincarnating past pieces into new memories that capture a moment forever. I am eternally inspired by the journey that the silver and gold has taken before it is cast into its present iteration, carnation, or embodiment.

For me, Coveted Jewellery is all about creating jewellery with real meaning that can be worn and enjoyed everyday.  It’s about including the wearer in the making process and it’s about keeping precious memories alive.

I hope you enjoy creating your own unique piece of Coveted jewellery with us. 

We couldn’t do what we do without you.

Love GG – Coveted

Close up image of GG sitting on a stool by the window in her Wellington studio, surrounded by jewellery benches and plants. Behind her, the studio features ceiling-high windows looking out to neighbouring buildings. GG is wearing her ginger hair in a loose bun on top of her head. She wears a green linen shirt, black pants and gold hoop earrings and looking at an impression she holds in front of her in one hand.





All it takes is your desire to create something special.