A Unique Way to Celebrate Family

Looking for a unique and meaningful birthday gift for a loved one? Consider a personalised piece of jewellery with fingerprints, capturing the essence of your family’s bond.

Han Romano’s Story in Print

Coveted’s unique impression pendants helped Hannah create a personalised necklace to commemorate the memory of her son and celebrate her family.

A Rose, the impression of rose and the finished silver pendant

Making a Good Impression

Unleash your creativity and make a one-of-a-kind jewellery piece with Coveted’s Impression Kit. Get tips and tricks for making great impressions.

yvonne-liew-photography-fingerprint impressions

Creating Family Heirlooms

Crafting a lasting legacy: Read the heartwarming journey as Yvonne’s children create treasured impressions, weaving intergenerational magic and love into a tangible family heirloom with fingerprint impression jewellery.

Creative gold impression necklace

Getting Creative With Family Impressions

Portia’s Heartwarming ‘Pinky Promise’ Impression Necklace We love hearing about the creative ways our customers use our impression kits to capture their precious memories. And

Lost wax casting meets sustainability

Discover the beauty and sustainability of recycled gold and silver jewellery making at Coveted. Handcrafted with ancient techniques and eco-friendly practices, each piece is truly unique.