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Coveted Fused

We are excited to now be offering permanent jewellery in Pōneke, Wellington.

Coveted Fused is yet another way we create meaningful and personalised jewellery – just for you. 

Designed to be worn continuously, adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday aesthetic – we know you will love wearing your Coveted Fused jewellery for years to come.


Permanent Jewellery

• Wellington Studio, situated on level 3, 22 Garrett St, Te Aro

• Sterling silver bracelets from $70-$140

• Solid 9ct gold bracelets from $190-$490

• Add charms starting at $15

• Bookings are essential and require a non refundable deposit of $25 (credited to the cost of your permanent jewellery).

Yes, we can do anklets too.

Our Chains + Charms

We get new chain and charm styles in regularly - but these gorgeous styles make up the main core of our range.

What is Permanent Jewellery?

Timeless, clasp-free, meaningful.

Welded together with a quick, painless spark, permanent jewellery is the latest cool kid in Wellington.

Permanent jewellery is a special way to mark a milestone or memory and involves our jeweller custom fitting your bracelet to you and safely welding the link closed. Instead of using a traditional clasp.

An extension of yourself.

Permanent Jewellery.

Why do people choose Permanent Jewellery?

It’s not just a fashion statement – it’s a new way to experience the intimate connection that people have with their jewellery, celebrate a special occasion, moment or loved one with a permanent bracelet.

Each piece is custom fitted to you and is a beautiful way to express love, friendship, and unity.

The ultimate jewellery experience with Coveted Jewellery

Tailored to perfection, Coveted’s permanent jewellery is designed to be the ideal length for you.

Wear it continuously, and let the world admire your timeless style. It’s not just an accessory; it’s an extension of you.


Our experienced jewellers use a simple welding technique to weld a bracelet or anklet onto you that is the perfect fit and clasp free. 

It is the ultimate friendship bracelet to get with friends, each piece is effortlessly elegant and will be with you always.


Book here, flick me an email or fill out the form below


If you are coming with a friend we strongly recommend booking a 15 minute appointment for each person and ideally booking the appointments back to back.  This will help to ensure we have enough time for you both so that no one feels rushed.

We require a non-refundable deposit of $25 to secure your booking. 

Unfortunately you cannot cancel without forfeiting your $25 deposit.

Change or cancel your appointment by following the link in your confirmation email or email us at

Absolutely, Please follow the link in your confirmation email or email us at us at least 24 hours before your appointment so we can help you change your time.  

Your permanent jewellery will remain in place for as long as you desire. Look after your jewellery and it will look after you.

If you ever wish to remove it, simply cut the chain with end cutters, nail clippers or sharp scissors at the join and keep it for future re-welding.  


We ensure the integrity of our weld you leave your appointment.

As with any chain, please be mindful of the weakest link by avoiding any undue weight or pressure on the chain. 

If the chain breaks on the weld, we will fix it for free forever provided you still have your chain.

We will fix broken links in the chain for free within 30 days of the initial fitting.

Your piece is delicate so needs to be treated with care. We guarantee the weld join but not the chain or jewellery itself against tarnishing or other wear & tear. 

Please email us at 

You can clean your welded jewellery with the jewellery polishing cloth that we supply as needed. 

Warm soapy water and an soft old toothbrush can be used to remove buildup like sunscreen from between the links.

Avoid chlorine, hot pools and other chemicals which can oxidise sterling silver bracelets.


Yes it can! Just cut the jump ring that we welded closed with small end cutters, sharp scissors or nail clippers.

Keep your chain for future use. We will re-weld it for you for free within the first 30 days of your initial fitting.

After that it will cost $25 to re-weld.


Solid Sterling Silver Bracelets from $70.

Solid 9ct Gold from $190


Due to the customised nature of permanent jewellery we do not accept returns or offer refunds.

Yes. Absolutely. If you decide you want a clasp – get in touch and we can arrange that for you. 

It is completely painless. We use a very small jump ring and a very low energy micro-welder to fuse the jumping closed.

The spark itself is very small and you will see how close, quick and easy it is.

We talk through the process with you and make sure you are comfortable before we weld.


Absolutely! Fine jewellery, including permanent pieces, is not required to be removed during airport security checks. You can confidently wear your permanent jewellery on all your travel adventures.


For your safety, please follow the recommendations to prepare for your MRI. If you remove your bracelet, please save the chain, and we will be happy to re-weld it for you afterwards.


Individuals with pacemakers should avoid getting permanent jewellery due to the welding process. While allergies to solid gold, sterling silver, are rare, those with known allergies should also refrain from getting permanent jewellery.


Certainly! Please email with your plans. 


Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Each appointment requires a $25 booking fee which is subtracted from the total you spend at your appointment.  Payment is very simple – you scan our QR code  in our studio and that takes you to our website where you can pay via your preferred online payment method (Apple pay or a saved credit/debit card).  We also accept cash and bank transfer.

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