Elevate your services with luxurious fingerprint keepsakes

Coveted uniquely offers Funeral Directors a seamless, high-end solution with our timeless fingerprint jewellery - becoming cherished heirlooms.

The essence of meaningful jewellery​

Ease the hearts of grieving families by offering to capture their loved one’s fingerprint using our soft wax impression kit.

Our high-end, hassle free service allows you to easily fulfil the requests made by families who are looking to create a lasting legacy in the form of solid gold and silver jewellery.

We meticulously handcraft impressions into fingerprint jewellery, including necklaces, rings or bracelets.  We also offer ashes capsule jewellery and a bespoke jewellery service to families in your care.

Inside the kit, you’ll find:

  • High-Quality Putty: Soft and malleable, perfect for capturing durable, detailed impressions.
  • A labelled tin to return your putty as well as a postcard to return with your story and instructions.
  • Instructions: Step-by-step guidance to help you create the perfect impression.
  • Backing Paper: For your putty to set on.
  • Pre-Paid Return Envelope: Conveniently send your impression back to us for casting.

How it works - Hassle Free

Step 1.

Pre-purchase our impression kits online and use your wholesale discount code at checkout.

Step 2.

Present Coveted to your clients, help them make impressions with their deceased person and set your own price for this service at $99 or more.

Step 3.

Return the deceased’s impressions to us in the prepaid return courier envelope provided with details of the deceased and contact details for their NOK. 

Step 4.

We take care of all order details and customer enquiries going forward through to the delivery of their jewellery. Your clients will be blown away by our service.

you - us - them

Image of a model holding a blue putty impression on a piece of non stick paper. The blue putty has a fingerprint impression pressed into it.


The simple act of you helping a family to capture a great wax impression with their loved one grants them precious opportunity to cast their loved one’s impression in the future. 


We collaborate with the family to choose the best impression out of the 3 and cast it into their chosen metal creating a unique way to cherish their loved one’s memory.

Yvonne Liew Photography Gold impression Necklace


Their handcrafted Coveted piece is delivered about 4 to 6 weeks after they confirm their order with us.  We provide them with updates along the way and we ensure the customer is left happy with their Coveted piece.

Why work with Coveted

Coveted brings you a seamless experience with our memorial jewellery services, ensuring that the process is both effortless and rich in meaning. Crafting impressions with our soft wax is a swift and uncomplicated step, requiring only a few minutes of your time.

We handle all order details, customer service, and jewellery delivery – just send us the impressions with the family’s contact info.

Our strong commitment to quality is evident in our solid 9ct gold and silver options. By merging traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques like laser engraving, we create unique pieces that hold profound personal meaning

We’re more than just a memorial jewellery provider; we offer a bespoke jewellery service as well. This means we can tailor jewellery to their unique preferences, ensuring it embodies the essence of their loved one.

Coveted provides a luxury service to families in your care

Hassle Free
Takes 5mins of your time. We handle all other details from the ordering of the jewellery through to delivery – simply help them make a great impression of their loved one.

Artful Craftsmanship
Created with love and precision by our small, local team of traditionally trained goldsmiths in our Wellington workshop.

Exceptional Quality
We use the finest quality materials and design our pieces to be worn and enjoyed for generations as heirloom pieces.

Memories Made Tangible
Families can really feel their loved one’s impression details with their own fingertips.  Coveted jewellery offers a beautiful and timeless way to honour life and keep memories alive.

Image of a model mixing white and blue putty together for an impression. On the table in front of her are two round tins and a Coveted impression kit box.

make a great impression

Here are some tips for making a great impression for your client:

  • Do not merge the waxes. Instead warm and press the small wax balls separately and return all three so there are options and backup waxes to select from.
  • Spend time kneading the waxes near a heat source like a hairdryer or a fan heater until it is soft like plasticine.
  • Roll the warm wax back into a seamless ball and using the paper and lid of the tin as a flat, non-stick backing – gently press the wax onto the deceased’s fingertip.
  • If the deceased doesn’t have many fingerprint details, consider making an impression with their knuckle which will always be a lovely alternative impression for the family to select from.
  • Place the impressions, loosely wrapped in the paper provided in the tin, in the return courier envelope and return this to us with details of the deceased and the contact details of their NOK.
In The Making

The wearer becomes the maker – introducing Coveted Jewellery.

Coveted Jewellery is the brainchild of Wellington-based artisan jeweller Gemma Miller, a traditionally-trained goldsmith with 15 years of experience working within the jewellery industry in both New Zealand and overseas. Embracing her specialty; making meaningful and timeless pieces that are bespoke to each and every individual, was where the idea for Coveted began.

Simply pre-purchase your impression kits from our website at the special wholesale rate by using the discount code we give you.  We send you the kits and you present the service to families who request memorial jewellery. Set your own price for the service (we suggest $99 or more) for the 5 minutes it takes to make the impression and return the impressions to us with contact details of the deceased and their NOK.

Once the impressions have been created, place them in the tin, loosely wrapped in the paper provided, and return the tin in the pre-paid courier envelope that was supplied with your kit.  Please label the tin and return the card with the deceased’s details as well as the details of their contact person or NOK.  We will confirm that we have received the impressions from you and take care of all the details going forward.

Yes!  If you are already familiar with making impressions with putty and prefer using this then you can send us putty moulds and we will work with them instead of the wax.  We can also supply you with putty going forward by request.

No, it is best not to merge the wax impression balls because we cast the wax balls directly and if you merge them they become heavier and more expensive for the customer.  

Our impression jewellery is made using one of three sizes of wax balls (mini, classic and large) these sizes have been calibrated to a certain weight and when they are cast in precious metal they will be about 10 x heavier than they were in their wax form.  Therefore merging the wax balls makes them twice as heavy and twice as costly to cast.  

We can cast a larger impression but we need to provide a bespoke quote to the customer first.

Thats fine. 

The wax impressions are still a lovely memory keeper and as long as they are kept away from heat and dust their form will remain stable. 

The most important thing is to help families to create impressions with their loved one so they have the choice to create something in the future – if they so wish. 

There is no expiry on the wax impressions, or our service offering and we understand that families may take a year or more to decide they are ready to cast their loved one’s impression.  

Once you have made the impressions and returned them to us in the pre-paid return courier we confirm with you that we have received the impressions and made contact with the family via the contact details that you provide us when returning the impressions.

We do not generally make contact again until the family have reached out to us – indicating that they are ready to cast their loved one’s impressions and their impressions are kept safely by us until they request otherwise.

We understand that it can take time (months or years) to decide they are ready to cast their loved one’s impressions.

When pressing the wax you can use the paper and lid of the tin to keep the back of the impression flat and fingerprint free while you press the front of the impression onto the deceased fingertip. Thus avoiding any confusion.

If you have your fingerprint on the back of the impression simply cross it out with a sharpie and we will remove it.  You can also send us a message or photos to explain any unique situations.

Consider inviting the family to create the impressions with their deceased loved one.  They can create a double sided impression adding an additional layer of connection and meaning to the piece.  Simply label each impression with the names of those who made them and we will sort the rest.

Yes.  We also offer ashes capsule necklaces.  We seal about 1/2 a teaspoon of fine ashes inside our pendants using a laser welder which does not expose the ashes to any heat but permanently seals them inside the pendant.

We have also sealed hair and teeth, sand and earth inside these capsules.

Yes!  We get excellent similar results by laser engraving the ink print onto a blank impression pendant.  Simply get in touch and send through a high resolution image of the ink print so that we can make a digital file from it- ready to laser engrave. 

Yes! All we need is a photograph of the handwriting or pen art and we can make a digital file from that which we laser engrave onto the pendant.

We can also hand stamp people’s initials onto the back of the pendants.

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