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Image of a putty impression kit box on a beige canvas background. Next to the kit box are two round tins, one with white putty and one with blue, a rectangular tin and a card with instructions on it.

Impression Kit

Your Journey To Creating Personalised Jewellery Starts Here.

Capture the essence of your loved one with our impression kit.

If you are in a hurry to capture an impression, purchasing a kit is a great option. There is no pressure to decide on how you want your impression cast, simply purchase the kit and capture the moment –  all the details can be finalised later.

Order now to capture the unique and personal touch of your loved one’s fingerprints and create a lasting reminder of their memory.

Imprint (almost) anything.

Capture the tiny fingerprint of a newborn, the touch of a loved one, or the paw print of a beloved pet. Our jewellery keeps these fleeting moments close to your heart.

Book an impression session in wellington

Are you a Wellington local and want to make the PERFECT impression? We can make your impression together in our Wellington Coveted Studio.

Bring your pets, your nan, besties, anyone and anything you hold close to your heart. Our Impression appointments are 20mins long and you will sit down with me (GG) and create the perfect impression for your Coveted piece. 

In The Making

The wearer becomes the maker – introducing Coveted Jewellery.

Coveted Jewellery is the brainchild of Wellington-based artisan jeweller Gemma Miller, a traditionally-trained goldsmith with 15 years of experience working within the jewellery industry in both New Zealand and overseas. Embracing her specialty; making meaningful and timeless pieces that are bespoke to each and every individual, was where the idea for Coveted began.

Image of a model holding a white sea shell in one hand and a ball of blue impression putty, ready to make an impression.
What can I Impress

Jeweller’s wax is a versatile and malleable material that can be impressed with a wide range of textures and shapes. For pet lovers, pet paws and noses can be pressed into the wax to create a unique and sentimental piece of jewellery. Shells can also be incorporated into the design for a beachy feel.

Fingerprints can be captured in wax to create a one-of-a-kind personalised piece. Spoons and buttons can also be used to create interesting textures.

The possibilities are endless, and any hard texture can be pressed into the wax to create a distinctive and memorable piece of jewellery.

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