Creating Family Heirlooms. Crafting Lasting Impressions with Yvonne's Children.

Creating A Lasting Impression With Yvonne’s children.

GG talks about her experience creating a forever lasting impression necklace from Yvonne’s littles ones fingerprints.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting with Yvonne to create impressions with her children. Yvonne’s kids, aged four and six, were so engaged in the process as we created impressions with them.

It was a delightful experience, and I was left thinking what makes this experience special for families? I believe it’s the intergenerational aspect of creating a something together that a parent wears and cherishes and the children proclaim a sense of pride and connection to their pendants since they had such an integral part in the creation of their pendants.

Yvonne sent us a postcard with this gorgeous picture drawn by her children.

It describes their experience of the impression process and the meaning of this necklace to their mother in great detail.

We love receiving our Coveted postcards back, as it helps us understand the meaning and value behind your impression.

Understanding your story allows us to add that extra bit of magic as we finish each piece by hand in our small batch workshop.

The kids even put their own initials on the back of the pendants in their picture! 

Yvonne expressed her appreciation for our work by saying, “Thank you for your patience throughout this process and for taking us along on the journey. We love watching you craft these beautiful keepsakes that we will treasure forever. You are so incredibly talented, and we are so lucky to have found you to create these beautiful pieces.”

Impression Necklaces with yvonne's kids initials stamped on the back
Yvonne Liew Photography Gold impression Necklace
Yvonne Liew Photography

Honestly, good things take time but patience was not a muscle we needed to exercise with this project as it all came together so beautifully. 

We created 9ct yellow gold classic-sized impressions on a 55cm long chain with the children’s initials hand-stamped on the back. And they turned out fabulously! 

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It’s always a pleasure to meet with our Wellington-based customers to create their impressions with them and we take this opportunity whenever possible.

The more we know about your story and the meaning behind each piece, the more we can create something truly special and unique.  Sharing your story with us in person or via our postcards helps us in spades.

yvonne - liew Photography kids holing impression jewellery
Yvonne Liew Photography

Thank you so much Yvonne – and family – for approaching us to create this amazing family heirloom to be worn and cherished for generations to come.

With love, Gemma x

Beautiful photography by Yvonne Liew – Click here to view Yvonne’s website

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