Han Romano's Story In Print

Hannah and Luke Romano tragically lost their first son Felix at 37 weeks in 2016.

Felix was stillborn and fortunately the Romano’s did have his precious ink hand print from birth that we were able to carefully work with to create his unique impression pendant.

Hannah and Luke now have two young boys (Cooper and Jonty) and Hannah had been looking for a personalised necklace that represented all three of her ‘wee mates’.

Coveted impression pendants are as unique as you are and our customers exclaim that you can really feel the detail in the pendant when wearing it. Each piece will always be completely unlike to any other.

Over a few weeks in the lead up to Mother’s Day we were able to work with Hannah and Felix’s handprint to create a digital file that we could laser engrave onto a blank impression pendant that Hannah had created herself – for Felix.  So even though we laser engraved Felix’s handprint onto the blank front of the impression, Hannah warmed and shaped his impression herself and impressed her own handprint onto the back of the pendant.

Cooper and Jonty enthusiastically gave their fingerprints while Hannah supported the soft wax in her palm.  This resulted in each of the boy’s impressions having their mum’s palm print on the  back each of their pendants as well – adding another layer to the sentimental significance to each pendant.

We also hand stamped their initials on the back of each impression so the boys could know which one was theirs.

We are absolutely thrilled with how this truely bespoke and personalised heirloom piece turned out for Hannah and her family. 

As makers, our small team creates your impression necklace with you in mind and we genuinely appreciate and understand the value of each piece as we gently come to understand the stories, events and meaning behind each impression through our correspondence with you – our customers.

Thank you Hannah for sharing so generously the significance of your Coveted impression necklace.

With love – Coveted

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Han Romano’s Story in Print

Coveted’s unique impression pendants helped Hannah create a personalised necklace to commemorate the memory of her son and celebrate her family.

Lost wax casting meets sustainability

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