Making a good impression

So you have just received your Coveted Impression Kit in the post and you can’t wait to get started?

We hear you and we are excited for you!

The Coveted Impression Kit contains everything you need to make a great impression. The process is simple, and satisfyingly creative. Simply prepare some space and time and merge the putty and explore the different ways that the putty can take on details and impressions. We are constantly amazed by the unique textures that we receive from creators and the best bit is that their impression is always completely one-of-a-kind.

mother and daughter creating fingerprint necklace by Coveted Jewellery

Here are a few pointers to help you get some great impressions:

Make sure you are merging pea sized putty (equal parts A + B) that makes a bean sized putty when combined for most fingerprints and pet nose impressions so that you have enough putty to make a few impressions.

Remember that the merged putty can be pressed, rolled and pressed again as many times as you like until it starts to cure (go hard) after about 5 minutes. Sometimes as little as 2 minutes (depending on the environment).

Only merge and knead one set of pea sized putty (A + B) at a time.  That way you can work with one putty for the full 5 minutes or until you are happy with it before starting on the next one.

Use the enclosed backing paper and the tin lid as a flat surface to press onto.  Once the putty has been pressed, and you are happy with it, leave it on the paper to cure and when it is completely hard after about 30mins – 60mins use the paper to label the impression and wrap it to place in the return tin.

Use your phone to zoom in or use another light source (like a lamp on an angle) to show up the fine details on the impression.  All these details will be there once cast – amazing!

Make sure you are completely happy with the details you can see in the impression.  The casting will show the same details – but the impression in metal will be much heavier and beautifully polished.

If your project is time sensitive or a one-off texture that can’t easily be captured again then we recommend sending back spare impressions as backup and keeping one in your possession as a double backup. You can label the impression you prefer us to focus on by including a note or marking your favourite impression with a sharpie.

Don’t worry if your putty picks up a few tiny fragments of organic matter like dust as these shouldn’t affect the casting unless the fragments are large  (like grains of sand) then they may leave their own impression in the surface of your impression so be mindful to either try to remove them or arrange for us to send you some fresh putty.

Once you have made and returned your impressions you can let us know what size impression you want cast (mini, classic or large).  If you do want to make a bespoke size piece cast  please get in touch first so we can quote you the extra cost of casting a heavier pendant in gold or silver.

Examples of different wax impressions

If you want to press a sentimental object into the putty and it is causing the putty to stretch when you try to remove it then we recommend leaving your object on the putty until it is hardened (about 30mins to an hour) and then gently try to peel the putty off the object once it is hard.

Remember that we can always send you more putty!

Be sure to pop the impression in the return tin only once it is hardened. loosely wrap the impression in the paper provided to help reduce movement in the tin while in transit.

The beauty of the Coveted process is that each impression will be one-of-a-kind and unique to you – the wearer.  The same goes for the inspiration behind each piece.  We love hearing your impression stories – share them with us on your social media by tagging and use the hashtag #covetedimpressions in your stories and posts.

If you have any questions then feel free to get in touch at – we are here to help you make a great impression!

With love –

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