Our bespoke necklaces make the perfect gift for someone you care for.

Created by you, treasured by them.

The Perfect Gift

With no two pieces ever being the same, yet perfectly reflecting the wearers personal style and sentiment - you couldn’t get a more bespoke gift than this.

Family hugging each other with layered coveted impression necklace and dried flowers.
Capture their memories, that moment and let them leave their mark in gold or silver.​

Everyday luxury using precious gold and silver to really leave your mark, keep a memory close or capture a precious moment forever.

Gift box of coveted jewellery

For the person who has everything - Coveted Jewellery offers real meaning and sentiment that you can feel with your fingertips.

Create a bespoke impression necklace for your loved one.

You can create a one-of-a-kind impression piece for your wearer and gift them the finished necklace that they can wear close to their heart.

For Future heirlooms you feel connected to.

To forever feel your loved ones impression, and keep their story close.

Women wearing impression pendant
At Coveted we understand that sometimes the most precious memories of a loved one are kept in sentimental items that you can keep close to your heart.

It doesn’t have to be a fingerprint impression.

Have a family brooch you want to impress?

Maybe a significant pattern that reminds you of them?

We print your story in precious metal. 

Leave your unique mark.

Stories in print.

There will never be another piece that compares as each impression is completely unique.

Made with Love.

Our impression necklaces are hand-finished in our small batch workshop in Wellington and we get to know your story and the story of your loved one from the tiniest details that they have left on the wax and from our communication with you throughout the making process.

Gemma from coveted working on impression neckalce in workshop in wellington
Mike putting impression necklace on Demi

Option 1.

For you to make and to gift them.

Purchase a Coveted wax impression kit and create for them a one-of-a-kind impression necklace to gift.

Timeframe 4-6 weeks.

Starting at $329 for a solid sterling silver necklace.

Option 2.

Gift for them to make.

Purchase a Coveted wax impression kit and gift them the kit so they can create their own unique piece of jewellery.

Purchase a kit for $99 (includes a $99 voucher code to redeem when the impression is cast in precious metal) – Impression kits can be sent out via overnight courier.

Children using the impression kit from coveted

Memories you can really feel and touch.

Create a meaningful wax fingerprint impression with a loved one to treasure forever.

Or, why not create an impression of a loved one’s cherished item.

We've seen amazing impressions made from engagement ring settings and signet ring crests

Kind Words

I could not recommend Coveted Jewellery more highly. I was given an impression kit for my birthday. I absolutely love the concept! I had a selection of items that had special sentimental meaning for me, but couldn't decide which I wanted to make an impression of.

The beauty of this kit is that it includes a few pieces of jeweler's wax, each can be used multiple times. Gemma was amazing, and we sat together to have a play. She shared her knowledge and skill (and coffee) to get the perfect abstract piece for me. A couple of weeks later, Gemma delivered my necklace and the outcome far exceeded my expectations.

I have worn this every day since and get so many compliments on it. It is a talking point, and a lovely opportunity for me to share the story behind it. Thanks so much Gemma, Coveted Jewellery and my family for the best gift ever!

- Joanne

Silver coveted impression Necklace

Each Coveted piece is created with you in mind.

Purchase a Coveted wax impression kit and create your one-of-a-kind impression necklace.

Our $99 Impression Kit Includes:

  • Jewellers wax
  • Instructions on how to make your impression
  • Pre-Paid Courier Bag to return your Impression
  • $99 Casting Voucher to put towards your necklace


Coveted Impression Necklace silver fingerprint on gift box

Kind Stories