Capsule Pendant

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Capsule Pendant to wear close to your heart. You can enclose anything that will fit; from a lock of hair, a piece of fabric, ashes, sand from your favourite beach or even a tiny love note.

The process of returning your capsule will take 3-4 weeks once we have received the contents of your capsule. The capsule contents will be treated with care and compassion. The pendant is securely welded shut to ensure that your precious memories are kept safe and close to your heart.

Each pendant measures 25mm by 8mm.

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Our model wears a 45cm length chain.

From $349.00

Ordering your memorial capsule pendant is a straightforward and respectful process. Upon placing your order online, we’ll send you a courier bag containing a box, a postcard, and a small container.

Simply fill the container with a couple of teaspoons of your loved one’s ashes or a meaningful memento. Our team handles all contents with the utmost care, encapsulating about 1/2 a teaspoon of ashes in the capsule.

Any excess materials are returned to you along with the completed capsule.

Each pendant measures 25mm by 8mm

Expect the entire process to take approximately three weeks, ensuring every detail is handled with compassion and respect.

What can I put in my capsule?

You can put almost anything that can fit! Customers have chosen to include a variety of items such as sand from a favourite beach, soil from a family farm, ashes of a loved one, pet hair, teeth, seeds, and even heartfelt love notes. What ever you want to keep close to your heart. 

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The Process
White gold capsule pendant

Once you order your capsule necklace, you will send us a small amount of your loved ones ashes.   

We handle your loved one’s ashes minimally and with care and what we don’t use – we return to you.

Woman holding ashes capsule neckalce by coveted

Each ashes capsule is sealed permanently shut with a pinpoint laser welder that ensures the ashes are not affected by heat during the sealing process.

Woman wearing sterling silver capsule pendant necklace from coveted jewellery

You will receive your hand-finished capsule necklace to keep your loved one’s memory alive and close to your heart within about 4 weeks.

Keep Them Close To Your Heart

Every life is unique and deserves to be remembered in a special way.

At Coveted, we believe that jewellery should be more than just a memory. It should be a tangible reminder of a loved one’s presence in your life.

That’s why we have created a collection of memorial impression jewellery that allows you to keep your loved one’s memories close to your heart.

Memories are powerful things. They can bring comfort, joy, and a sense of connection to the people we love. At Coveted, we want to help you create a lasting memory of your loved one that you can carry with you always.

Our memorial jewellery is a beautiful and timeless way to honour their life and keep their memory alive.

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